Hi! HotAmishChick here! I spend most of my time over on the Twitter!

If you want to send in a picture, you can email me! I might even put it up! 😀

Please don’t tell Father about this! Or God! LOL!!

PS: I like pancakes! Send prayers!


12 Responses to “About”

  1. cigarexec said

    when did you friggin’ Anabaptists get the Internet? and allow your souls to be digitally captured? . . . blasphemers!

  2. badkitty_ said

    Love it! Of course, God will send you to Hell for this …

    But I’ll never tell!

  3. The world needed this. I can’t wait until you get a cease & desist letter from the Amish!

  4. FWIW, there are many girls on the Internets who think you are, indeed, quite hot. (I’ve heard.)

  5. hotamishchick said

    cigarexec: 1) We always had the Internet. It was actually invented in 1712 by Jakob Ammann. We just didn’t tell anyone. We mainly use it to share recipes. 2) I didn’t say any of these pictures were ME. I ain’t a sucker.

    badkitty_: And I thank you for that.

    Christopher L. Jorgensen: I’m not going to get a cease & desist letter BECAUSE NO ONE IS GOING TO TELL THEM.


    Victoria Marinelli: I’m glad someone noticed! I keep trying to tell mother that we need to use a lighter fabric on our dresses, but does she listen? I’m BOILING here!

  6. Abby T. said

    For. The. WIN.


  7. hotamishchick said


    For. The. PANCAKES.

  8. Ken said

    Can you get me a deal on Scrapple?

  9. guybyars said

    You crack me up. Intrigue indeed!

  10. @k1k1chan said

    Missing your waffles, come back soon, I’ve got some pony polish, we could have a sleepover!

  11. wendiwinn said

    ok. so. i joined twitter yesterday just to follow you. but really it was just because i was bored and then someone introduced me to you. well. not you in person. but you know.

    you’ve not updated twitter in a while. about a month, actually. and so my friend thinks we need pull together a rescue mission.

    do you need to be rescued? copy that? over.

  12. soundsliketomatoes said

    Ok, so I’m the “friend” who wendiwinn was talking about. I live near the Amish and I have a vehicle. I can come and get you. But, I’ll be wearing capris, so please don’t stare at me like I’m a harlot. I’m really nice. And I can make some mean pancakes. In fact, I’ll have some with me in case you need emergency rations. Just let me know.

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